Another 3 ticks off the bucket list

This Norway holiday is really shortening my bucket list.

The partner and I went on a short cruise along the many fjords in Tromso, then there’s the snowmobile and dog-sledding with the huskies.

May I add, the scenery was breathtaking, mesmerising and the adventures were an adrenalin rush in itself.

Let’s start with snowmobile in the Lyngen area.

Cracks were showing on the frozen fjords on our way there.

The mid-day sun shadowed by some dark clouds.

Here’s my happy travelling companion leading the snowmobile pack. Ok there’s a guide in front of her, but she kept up with the guide!

Whilst the 2 other Brit couples on the snowmobiles were happy to cruise along, us Singaporeans were racing down as fast as our rather hot Norwegian guide was going. I may drive like a granny, but I was a lean mean snowmobile rider! Zoom zoom zoom! The rush of the clean crisp mountain air in your face as you zig zag across the mountain terrain, those moments were priceless.

There I was looking pleased as punch with the monster mobile.

I put this picture only cos it looks superimposed, but it’s not! :p

When the snow is this fluffy and your suitably geared up, you do this to become a Snow Angel!

This jump shot was a lot harder than it looks. 1) Heavy armour and 2) snow makes it harder to jump.

See how deep the snow is! Up till my knees! Or i’m just short.

Have you seen anyone look so happy like this? 🙂

Off to the brewery now. Snowstorm has lessen. Will continue later abt dog sledding.


1 tick off the bucket list

After years of dreaming about it, I finally got to see it with my own eyes. Those green lights dancing across the sky, seducing us with it’s unpredictable movements, it was breathtaking. And bloody cold.

The partner was the 1st to spot the lights as we were making our way inland. The oldies (bet they’re ticking off their bucket list too!) slowly made their way out of the minivan while the partner and I were super excited. Thanks to an earlier text from a dear friend, we held hands and made a wish.

We tried taking those lights, but for the following hindrances:

1. Fingers could barely move at -11 degrees.

2. Camera not DSLR.

3. Still too bloody cold.

So those mesmerising visuals will stay in our memories. Just like the NY2011 fireworks in London.

We’ve got videos of us sledding down the hills tho. Will post it up soon. Gonna crash now. There’s snowmobile in a couple of hours time!

This holiday rocks!