When you simply cannot fight the tears

Life can be a tad hard, when you think you’ve given it all, and your all is still not enough. Maybe I ask too much of life, maybe I just want to cruise through it all, would it be too difficult? Or I want to go by with minimal pain and tears, and minimal is the key word. How much is minimal though?

Of course I’ve had a better life than most people in the world. I’ve a roof under my head, family who love me, friends who stand by me, travelled half the world, seen and done activities many can only yearn for, but it doesn’t mean I’ve no right to be upset or feel this utter sadness.

Life is definitely 95% attitude and 5% luck, but at times you cant help and feel that the 5% is out to get even for all the luxuries you’ve gotten in life. And so you succumb to the deepest depth of your darkest emotions. Alone.

No matter what all the inspirational stuff says, when you feel the emptiness within, all that is left, is to let it consume your entire being and give in to the vacuum.

For now, let’s just pretend that everything is awesome and we’re all shiny happy people.