The music that binds

Music is subjective.

Just the other day, I read that heavy metal is making a huge comeback (or was it ever gone?). That there were more heavy metal music streaming via Spotify than Pop and Hip Hop (a rather distant 5th) is really quite interesting cos I’m not a fan of heavy metal, but hey, what do I know?

Music is diverse and speaks to almost everyone I know in their own language. From Icelandic folk music to Norwegian pop (thanks to Kurt Nilsen’s winning performance in World Idol 2004, beating the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Will Young, where a certain Simon says ‘you’ve got the face of a hobbit, but the voice of an angel” – check out Kurt Nilsen’s winning performance) to Trance (the Armin, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten kind) to Hip Hop and rock ballads… there’s a song for any moment in time.

I listen to music whenever I have to commute a distance more than 5 minutes, cos it allows me to shut out the noise and chatters and be in my own world. Perhaps my need for music is muted by the fact that I’m silent about it. I have playlists to remind me of certain moods and songs that can get me through the day. I have concerts that still gives me the goosebumps when I think about how frigging mindblowing they were (Take That @ Wembley, Garbage, The Killers, G.E.M, HAIM, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten), concerts that I can’t wait to attend (Muse, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Eminem, Bryan Adams, U2) and concerts I’ll never be able to attend (Queen, East 17, Joni Mitchell, X Japan, Guns n Roses).

Why am I writing about music? Because despite all the hardships of meandering through life and it’s many obstacles, there’ll always be a song to get your grooving instead.


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