This Is The Song I Remember You By | Thought Catalog

This Is The Song I Remember You By | Thought Catalog.

I remember a lot of people, both past and present, through songs.

In fact, I associate memories through songs, and that’s why music means so much to me. This is especially true of my past, regardless of friends or lovers, I’ve tagged a song to almost everyone that means something to me.

Let me try to recap some meaningful ones through sheer memory.

1. Friends by Michael W. Smith – This song is tagged to almost the entire 1994 graduating batch of seniors I was close with, the seniors who looked out for me and treated me like their lil kiddo when I was a wee, bright eyed junior, who was still finding her feet in the rather brutal environment of an all-girls convent school.

2. Love is Love by Culture Club – This song played when the whole school was watching “Electric Dreams” and I made my first move to someone who till this day, I am grateful for the care and concern that was shown to me. Ditty by Paperboy reminds me of this person as well.

3. I’ll make love to you by Boyz II Men – My first true puppy love. Haha perils of youth and the silliness that accompanied us then. Just glad that we’re really, really good friends now.

4. Goodbye & All out of Love by Air Supply – To someone whom I still love and thankfully has on my side till this day. We don’t meet often (1-2 times a year), but when we do, it’s as though we were never apart.

5. Can’t fight this feeling by REO Speedwagon – After almost 2 decades of silence, I finally cleared the air about who this song really belonged to. So glad we are where we are now and that is real friendship. “A whole new world” belongs to you too. Because the heroine of the movie shares your namesake and reminds me so much of you.

6. November Rain by Guns N’ Roses – To the gang that used to hang out in Thomson View, this is your song. To the endless hours of playing around the car park and stealing sips of alcohol…those were the carefree days.

7. The entire Guns N’ Rose “Use your illusion I & II” album – You recorded the album for me on cassette tape back in 1992. I still have it somewhere. We may have lost touch over the years, but that didn’t stop me from feeling the sadness when I hear you’ve gone to the other side.

8. I don’t want to wait by Paula Cole – Probably one of my greatest regret, because I refused to get out of a ruck, and I wasted a chance to know what could have been between us. And now, I don’t even know what’s happened to you despite my best efforts to find out from various sources.

9. All that she wants by Ace of Base – My classmates from 1993, who put up the dance moves for Teacher’s Day… all those who were involved, that was brilliant. Thank you for involving me in the dance (even though I was a really crap dancer).

10. Pray by Take That – The group who pontang school that fateful day in 1995 just to stalk Gary, Jason, Howard and Mark (who were rumoured to be staying at the defunct Marco Polo Hotel)… we roamed the streets and Holland V. That day was really fun!

Plenty of songs belong to a lot of other people… for now, it’s enough reminiscing for the night.


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