To 2013 and goodbye 2012!

To 2012… you’ve been really good and really bad to me. But I love you anyway.

It was a roller coaster year for sure. With a mix bag of goodness and some badass hiccups.

January didn’t start that well as I found out I had to go for a surgery, but more on that later.

The highlight of the year has to be fulfilling the no. 1 item on my bucket list (not that I’m kicking the bucket anytime soon!), but seeing the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky in Tromsø was simply breathtaking. And the coldest I’ve ever experienced in my life too.

We covered other snow-related adventure during our time in Tromsø too. Snow mobiling along snow-capped mountains was inspiring. On one hand, you have the speed and rush of scooting along a path covered in at least a foot deep in snow.  On the other hand, other than the noise from the engine of your snow mobile, you notice an eerie quietness from your surroundings. It allows you to delve into a pensive mood even as your adrenalin is pumping from the freedom of zooming up and along the mountain. I’ve never felt more alive and free during those times in the mountain.


Dog sledding was pretty darn cool too. I’ve always wanted to try after I saw it on Amazing Race. The dogs were such a dear, and they can piss and shit whilst speeding down the pre-determined path too! We saw a weak Aurora Borealis on this night, and we were grateful we saw a full on show the night before cos it got real cloudy!

We covered Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen in this trip as well and you can read more of the trip in my earlier post.

Then I came back and went for surgery. Thankfully the fibroids weren’t cancerous (1% chance is still a chance!). The break also gave me a new perspective on life, and I made the choice of resigning without a job, so I could take a nice long break to recharge.

Retiring by the time I turn 30 has been a lifelong dream, but since it’s not possible in the current working climate, the next best thing is to take a sabbatical.

Hong Kong popped into my radar as the partner was sent there to work for a month.  So off I trodded to HK for 20 days to chill, eat, sightsee new places (5th time there) and shop!

Bummed around for the next couple months, then I decided to help my friend at her casting gig. Basically to cast actors/actresses in a joint Australian/Singapore production called HBO. Let’s just say it opened up my eyes to the world of TV industry (seeing as I studied TV prod, but never practiced them).

That lasted 2+ months before I got called back into the corporate world (for 6 months at least) and that’s where I am right now.

I’ll be blogging about my year end Sri Lanka adventure  trip very soon… as soon as I can find a moment of unlaziness. And now back to the Australian Open…