I love Hong Kong!


There’re few places in the world i’ll never get tired of going besides UK… Hong Kong’s certainly 1 of them. The food, vibrancy, shopping and the food… oh yes…it lures me back year after year.

This trip was one for the memory, 20 days straight spent in Hong Kong! Doesn’t matter I was rather ill on my way there. I was trying hard not to look sick as I came out of airport customs… didn’t fancy being held in quarantine thanks to a leaky nose. Haha!

I’m staying in Wan Chai again. I love Hong Kong Island, it’s a lil bit cooler than Kowloon with better everything.

First meal in Hong Kong, I went to the supermarket and decided to make soup! Cantonese loves soup and so do I (seeing I’m Cantonese myself).

This soup was made with love… Yums!

Squid Ink Risotta at a restaurant in Causeway Bay. It was very good and price was extremely decent.

Where we stayed, Le Creperie was just below our apartment and it’s got excellent reviews, so needless to say we decided to give it a try. The partner had the savoury crepe while I went straight for the sweets.

Caramel banana with vanilla ice cream. It may look simple, but it’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever tried!

Egg milk pudding from Yee Soon or was it Australia Diary Company… honestly cannot remember cos I was eating these yummy egg milk pudding almost every other day!

Not a fan of these Ramen, but these were pretty delicious!

Super succulent scallops at Sai Kung. There was a thunderstorm when we were on our way there, by the time we got to the restaurant, we were drenched.

The original Honeymoon dessert at Sai Kung. Mango sago… oh my…

Roast goose drumstick from Tai Heng. It was oily, juicy and oh so heavenly! Had this lunch when I was visiting the partner at work in Taikoo. Must have it again next time I’m there. Maybe share the meal instead. The HK portions are HUGE!

Another day, another trip to Honeymoon desserts cafe. This time it was near our place in Wan Chai! Snow fungus is good for the body. Taste just as wonderful as it looks.

I’m trying to find the pics of our trek at Lanma Island, can’t seem to find it! When I do, I’ll post it again. Highly recommend the trek to anyone as the view was breathtaking! We trekked from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan. This is the seafood restaurant side. A pity we just had late lunch before we started our trek, hence we weren’t hungry at all.

That’s me trying to look fresh. The Hong Kongers said it was an easy trek, but for us Singaporeans where the highest hill is a miserable Bukit Timah Hill, it was rather challenging on my poor knees!

Vietnamese food at TST. We decided to take a scenic ferry ride from Central to Kowloon TST at Ocean Terminal. It’s gotta be one of the best Viet food I’ve had since the ones I had in Brisbane! I’ve been to Vietnam, but the food there was more bland. 🙂

The pork chop and broken rice was simply delicious. Even the egg was done just right.

The partner and colleagues decided to bring us to Happy Valley Race Course to check it out and it was also my first trip to a race course. Must be beginner’s luck cos the horse I bought came in 1st!!! Booyah!

 It was a Wednesday night. The place was electrifying! There was your usual Hong Kong uncles/aunties there to gamble their life savings and there was your typical expats and tourists (like me) there for a good time.

We went to this off the tourist beat zichar stall at Happy Valley after our horse racing adventures. OMG BEST LAMB CHOPS EVER! And this plate… guess how much? Only S$15! Cheapie and yummy is super awesome!

Yummy egg in broccoli. Same place!

Crispy chicken in cereal. Also have another dish, but no pictures of it. This dinner from the zi char stall at Happy Valley cost under $70 for 5 of us. It’s cheap, good and almost exclusively Hong Kong! Love it!

The almost 3 weeks in Hong Kong was fabulous. Simple living and life away from Singapore. I really much prefer the hustle and bustle of HK to Singapore! The vibe, the people, the food, the shopping… so much more happening.

I’ll definitely be back!