That dog sledding experience…

I realise I didn’t write about the dog sledding experience in Tromsø early this year. So here goes…

This is us after a 2 hour bus ride to the middle of nowhere…at least we were suited up for the cold. We were lucky, it was only 0 degrees Celsius compared to -11 the night before.

Dog sledding is a 2 women job. While one sits like a Princess on the rather warm and cushy sled, the other work her ass off to steer the doggies. Ok we took turns. I took the downhill ride while the partner took uphill. Hehe…

Each sled has 6 dogs (5 for us cos we’re relatively small and a team of 2 rather big sized Brits got 7 dogs) and our guide warn us to keep our mouth closed as much as possible during the ride. I found out why later.

This is Blue, one of our doggies. He’s also a super hyper dog who has the ability to piss and shit while running at full speed!! That means we get flying piss and shit at our face if we’re unlucky!

Luckily we weren’t that unfortunate to strike the doggie jackpot. But we were fortunate to have really fun dogs who got up to all sorts of mischief when the opportunity arises. Everytime we stop for a break, Blue will bury himself to his head. The front 2 dogs are stalwarts who hold the fort, but the back 2 dogs will either shit or pee or wander round as much as they can.

Once our foot is off the brake, these dogs will burst off the block at full speed. Quite thrilling, but a lil tiring when you gotta sink your whole leg into the snow in order to stop.

We were really lucky to spot the Northern Lights for the 2nd night! It wasn’t as strong as the 1st night, but still good enough. We were up on a mountain plain, and as far as my headlight could shine, it was a vast nothingness of snow all around us. 🙂

These are our back 2 doggies (can’t rem their names!), super adorable and good-natured. It was an awesome experience to be out in the wilderness with the animals as our guide. It’s one of those moments when you truly feel like you’re part of nature and the world.

After our trip out in the cold, we were shooed into a tent to enjoy warm tea and soup. This was Reindeer soup. My mate, Stefette was horrified that I ate (2 portions no less!) Rudolph, but to be fair, we think it could be Dasher or Prancer. 🙂

The partner and I slept through the 2 hour bus ride back. The trek back to our B&B was horrible. We were cluttering our teeth and we could barely walk without shivering, but I guess it adds to the experience.

Next time we go back Tromsø, it’ll be for the Midnight Sun.


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