Being late

I don’t like being late, especially for appointments. Not on official business or with friends. My general rule of thumb is a grace period of 10 minutes . If you’re being impeded by reasons beyond your control (bad traffic, lousy train moving slowly, nagging mums or just unexpected circumstances), then the right thing to do would be to inform the person you’re meeting.

Unless you’re a habitual latecomer that is.

I hate it when I’m late, even if it’s 5 minutes, I’ll feel bad, unless of course I turn up and realise I’m not the latest.

The only other form of lateness I tolerate is if people give you a range of time like “I’ll be there between 2-4pm” and you’re like “ok sure I’ll see you between 2-4pm then”. That’s fine cos you’ve been informed prior.

Being late is disrespectful. It’s like you have no regards for the other person’s time you’re wasting.

All these nonsense about being fashionably late is just a Hollywood/Western hogwash. If you’re late for just 15 minutes every day, imagine the hours you would’ve accumulated after 365 days and what others could do with those precious hours you’ve wasted.

So please, the next time you’re going to be late, try to think of others. What they could do with the extra time and show a lil more respect to your friends, family & business associates.


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