Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, Higher, Stronger. London 2012 is upon us!

I’ve been waiting for the London Olympics since it was announced on 6 July 2005 in Singapore that London won the rights to host the Games of the XXX Olympiad.


The Games has so far been amazing! Completely blown away by the awesomeness of Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony and of course, the superhuman performance of some of the athletes.

Will Phelps be the G.O.A.T Olympian? Can Roger complete a career Golden Slam? Jessica Ennis is so hawt! Go Team GB! There’s also the gymnasts to watch out for! So many sports! So many possibilities!

My only grip is there will not be enough hours in the day to catch all the action. Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Football, Diving, Cycling, Rowing… I’m somewhat a couch Olympian myself. Heh.

I’ll disappear for the next 2 weeks. Till then, let the Olympic Games begin!


Chasing dreams…

Everyone has hopes and dreams. If you don’t, you’re dead.

All my life, I’ve had hopes and dreams to keep me going. At 18, I said I hoped to go skydiving before I turn 30, I did it 8 months before I turned 30. I dreamed of seeing the Aurora Borealis in my lifetime, I saw it earlier this year in Tromsø with my partner and now what?

There’re a few new places and stuff to do in my bucket list now, but none has gripped me as much as the Aurora and I struggled a little to get a move on after that. Perhaps the time has come now to try chasing the other dream.

What did you dream about when you were young? Did you want to be a lawyer? A F-16 pilot? Or did you hope to travel the world? I wanted to be all these when I was a wee child. I’m 32 year old this year. What have I achieve? Obviously I can’t be flying a F-16, I’ve traveled a little more than most people (but definitely NOT enough), but can I still pursue the other dream?

Some might think I’m impractical, whimsical and irresponsible. So be it, I’m my own biggest detractor. But time and again, I’ve proved myself wrong. I can get things done when I set my heart on it. And yes, my heart is made of light feathery stuff that floats on hopes and dreams.

The older you get, the more fearful you become of failure and the insecurities of starting afresh. Can you pick yourself up again when you fail and fail miserably? Can you do without the comfort of a steady income?

I honestly don’t know what is it I want out of life, but I’ve taken a first step of quitting my mundane job so I can now concentrate on searching. Yes I’ve saved for a rainy day, but I also have a sibling that I am going to put through university come September. So what am I gonna do?

I promise I’ll find a little more of myself in the next few months. What is it that you REALLY want to do? I got a feeling the answer is already there somewhere. I just have to come to terms with it.

Some lucky people get to live their dream, whilst others have to contend with dreaming about them. I wanna live my childhood dream, no matter how hard & ridiculous it is, I rather fail trying, than not try at all.

That dog sledding experience…

I realise I didn’t write about the dog sledding experience in Tromsø early this year. So here goes…

This is us after a 2 hour bus ride to the middle of nowhere…at least we were suited up for the cold. We were lucky, it was only 0 degrees Celsius compared to -11 the night before.

Dog sledding is a 2 women job. While one sits like a Princess on the rather warm and cushy sled, the other work her ass off to steer the doggies. Ok we took turns. I took the downhill ride while the partner took uphill. Hehe…

Each sled has 6 dogs (5 for us cos we’re relatively small and a team of 2 rather big sized Brits got 7 dogs) and our guide warn us to keep our mouth closed as much as possible during the ride. I found out why later.

This is Blue, one of our doggies. He’s also a super hyper dog who has the ability to piss and shit while running at full speed!! That means we get flying piss and shit at our face if we’re unlucky!

Luckily we weren’t that unfortunate to strike the doggie jackpot. But we were fortunate to have really fun dogs who got up to all sorts of mischief when the opportunity arises. Everytime we stop for a break, Blue will bury himself to his head. The front 2 dogs are stalwarts who hold the fort, but the back 2 dogs will either shit or pee or wander round as much as they can.

Once our foot is off the brake, these dogs will burst off the block at full speed. Quite thrilling, but a lil tiring when you gotta sink your whole leg into the snow in order to stop.

We were really lucky to spot the Northern Lights for the 2nd night! It wasn’t as strong as the 1st night, but still good enough. We were up on a mountain plain, and as far as my headlight could shine, it was a vast nothingness of snow all around us. 🙂

These are our back 2 doggies (can’t rem their names!), super adorable and good-natured. It was an awesome experience to be out in the wilderness with the animals as our guide. It’s one of those moments when you truly feel like you’re part of nature and the world.

After our trip out in the cold, we were shooed into a tent to enjoy warm tea and soup. This was Reindeer soup. My mate, Stefette was horrified that I ate (2 portions no less!) Rudolph, but to be fair, we think it could be Dasher or Prancer. 🙂

The partner and I slept through the 2 hour bus ride back. The trek back to our B&B was horrible. We were cluttering our teeth and we could barely walk without shivering, but I guess it adds to the experience.

Next time we go back Tromsø, it’ll be for the Midnight Sun.

Being late

I don’t like being late, especially for appointments. Not on official business or with friends. My general rule of thumb is a grace period of 10 minutes . If you’re being impeded by reasons beyond your control (bad traffic, lousy train moving slowly, nagging mums or just unexpected circumstances), then the right thing to do would be to inform the person you’re meeting.

Unless you’re a habitual latecomer that is.

I hate it when I’m late, even if it’s 5 minutes, I’ll feel bad, unless of course I turn up and realise I’m not the latest.

The only other form of lateness I tolerate is if people give you a range of time like “I’ll be there between 2-4pm” and you’re like “ok sure I’ll see you between 2-4pm then”. That’s fine cos you’ve been informed prior.

Being late is disrespectful. It’s like you have no regards for the other person’s time you’re wasting.

All these nonsense about being fashionably late is just a Hollywood/Western hogwash. If you’re late for just 15 minutes every day, imagine the hours you would’ve accumulated after 365 days and what others could do with those precious hours you’ve wasted.

So please, the next time you’re going to be late, try to think of others. What they could do with the extra time and show a lil more respect to your friends, family & business associates.