The operation after the epic holiday

I guess I should write about the operation.

I’d found out prior to the holidays that I’ve 3 massive fibroid growing around my uterus wall. Click on the word to find out what it is.

I wasn’t worried about the operation, what I was scared of was type of surgery and the recovery period. As the fibroids were huge, there was a chance I’d be cut open. Thankfully, I managed to make it through the keyhole surgery. Nonetheless, it wasn’t that painless either. Let me take you through my journey.

On the early morning or 19 March 2012, I checked into KK Woman’s & Children’s hospital. Everything was seamless and I was feeling pretty calm and relaxed.

At about 11am, the nurse came to wheel me into the pre-surgery ward. I was made to feel really comfortable whilst waiting for my turn. Then at about 11.45am, they wheeled me into the room before the surgery room. The anesthetist was perhaps the 1 major blip in the entire procedure. Not only did he poke the wrong veins, his accent & pronunciation made it EXTREMELY hard for me to understand what he was saying. I got so tired of asking him to repeat that I just nodded my head at everything he said. Was I suppose to bleed so much when he inject the needles on my hand?

All my notions of Grey’s Anatomy was squashed when I was finally pushed into the operating theater. It was stark & cold. The closest thing to the show was the greyness of the room. I was asked to confirm my name and type of operation I was doing. Whilst the nurses were busying themselves with the preparation (sounded abit like a wet market), nerves finally set in (rather late eh?).

Before I could calm myself down, I heard a nurse asked, “Is Dr Tan ready?” The reply came back affirmative and I was told they’ll inject the GA into me right now. I was waiting for the “Count to 5” instruction which never came. 😦

Next thing I knew, I woke up shivering and shaking rather violently on the bed. In the groggy state, I managed to mutter “very pain” & “very cold”. After inserting a suppository up my ass to bring down the pain, I heard “Patient is not breathing”. Not a good sign.

They wrapped me up in warm electric blanket & I had an oxygen mask on. I must say, the oxygen mask was pretty neat. I was breathing really good quality air!

Whilst being wheeled back to my ward, I could see a blur shadow of my mum and that really made me feel a lot better. The next couple of hours was spent drifting in and out of sleep + pain. A few good friends came to visit in the evening and I’m thankful for their companion despite feeling really really groggy and in a semi-comatose state. I slept through the night rather easily.

The kind nurses at my ward (Ward 43 Bed 25) knew when I had to pee and stuck a bedpan underneath my ass. But peeing was a literally pain/bitch. I spent the next 30 mins trying to empty out my bladder. Why? Cos it was burning! They said it was normal and I believe them, but it was at that moment I remember promising myself I will try my darnest not to get myself into this sort of situation ever again.

The next morning, the doctors came to assess my situation. They said I was recovering well despite all the pain I was feeling. Next came the physiotherapist who insist that I get up and try to walk. I had to try to walk to the toilet all by myself! After they remove the oxygen mask and the GA has worn off, I find myself rather restless. Luckily I had family & friends visiting at various parts of the day to make the hospital stay less boring. Thank you to the faithful partner who visited me everyday before and after work. 🙂

I was discharged on the 3rd day and almost 3 months after the operations, I think I’m all good. If possible, I never wanna go through that experience ever again.

I’ll post pictures of the fibroid for those fans of gore soon. Just need to sort out the faulty S100.


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