Hello Bergen! You’re almost like London!

So we left Copenhagen and made a whirlwind stop in Goteburg, Sweden where I was tempted for almost an hour by the Roulette happening in the bar where we had our lunch! The croupier was good…I dare say better than some of the croupiers I’ve seen at some of the biggest casinos! I managed to rein my desires in and not gamble. Not because I couldn’t afford to (stakes were low!), but because I didn’t want my travelling companion to feel bored. šŸ™‚

We got back to Oslo late at night and it was snowing! *Cue ooohing and then the cussing when you hafta drag your luggage through the dirty snowed-in pavements*

Next morning, we caught the 8.11am train from Oslo to Bergen. Note: Buy your tickets online early, they cost 1/2 the price if you buy on the day itself.

The travel experts were right. The train ride from Oslo to Bergen is indeed one of the most scenic and gorgeous train ride in the world.

This is how middle earth could look like during winter. A sweeping landscape of snowyĀ mountainous range with frozen lakes and buried trees.

These people were para-skiing! Skiing off a parachute! It’s now on my bucket list. šŸ™‚

Now this is called a PERFECT jumpshot. We took this at Finse, which is the highest station on the entire Norwegian rail lineĀ at 1222m above sea level. The train is also the ONLY means of transport to get to Finse. Btw we used the Canon S100 to capture most of our scene. We’re still trying to figure out the mode, but the partner is doing a better job than me at experimenting. šŸ™‚

Once we got off the longest stretch of the tunnel, the landscape changed to feature the melting lake. I can’t use the word breathtaking enough to describe the scenery that unfolds before our eyes.

7 hours later, we arrived in balmy Bergen. No snow capped scenery (they’re next to the sea), but this place rains A LOT. By that I meant the record was 85 days of consecutive rain!

The fish market was closed by the time we arrived, but since it was storming, there wasn’t anything to see either.

Cider and raspberry. Breakfast of champions! Yea this was really what I had for breakfast.

It was still raining and we could hardly enjoy the city. šŸ˜¦

See the resemblance?

This alien came in peace while waiting for theĀ FlĆøibanenĀ Funicular spaceship to arrive.

Up up and away we go on the BergenĀ FlĆøibanenĀ Funicular!

With views like this, who cares about the blistering wind and frosty chills?

Another view, another breath taken away.

Some people do live on the hill. Sometimes when it gets too foggy, they can’t see the city at all!

Kurt Nilsen was performing the next day! Dang! If you don’t know who he is, he’s beaten the likes of Will Young and Kelly Clarkson to win the 1st ever World Idol. He was also described as having the voice of an angel, but the face of a hobbit. Considering he’s Norwegian, it’s definitely close enough to middle earth.

I could live here, but the partner can’t deal with the constant rain. Living in Brighton does train you to deal with the rain.

It wasn’t raining by nightfall and those lights by the mountains… they do something to warm your heart.

Our Bergen adventure ended with an overnight train back to Oslo. We didn’t take the sleeper cabin, but it was great cos they provided blankets and eye mask to make sure your sleep is comfortable even in the economy cabin.

Next up, Oslo Part II.


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