Copenhagen, a very windy city

So after bye-bye Stockholm, it was onto Kobenhavn, Copenhagen to the English speaking world. The 5+ hour train ride on SJ Trains saw the landscape change from foggy wintry calm to lush greenery within 30 minutes. Truly gorgeous!

Reaching Copenhagen, we found our way to host place easily. Great view, but no lift! And it’s the top floor! Thank god our host, Peter came to our rescue and helped us with our luggage.

The apartment was gorgeous! If Oslo’s apartment was my dream place, this was dreamier cos it had a lived-in look. Never underestimate a woman’s touch to a home.

Some wonderful tips from our hosts later, we decided to check out the cemetery. Yes. The place where u bury people. Apparently it’s so serene and enchanting that the Danish go for picnics there in the summer. I trust the locals recommendations. And I’m glad we did! The cemetery was indeed a picture of serenity smack right outside the city. Some of the tombs dates back to the 18th century.

Pity I overestimated my tolerance of the wind factor. I swore the temperature dropped by a few significant Celsius inside the cemetery. Efforts to find Hans Christian Andersen’s tomb were futile cos I was shivering.  So bad was the wind that my partner had to pass me her gloves and scarves!

The next couple of days in Copenhagen was spent trying the local delights as recommended by our hosts. Most were hits, but I didn’t like the super sweet cakes. At least my partner did.

La Glace is one of the oldest and best pastry shop in Copenhagen.

My travelling partner loved their cake so much, she practically licked off the plate!

Christiania is a must-go for all. It’s a small piece of Copenhagen that’s a free zone. Not governed by anyone, but the residences there. There was a sign board stating 3 rules to enter Christiania.
1. Do not run as running cause panic.
2. Do not take pictures as selling drugs is still illegal.
3. Have fun!

The entrance to Christiania.

You enter Christiania and suddenly your back in time to the flower power 70’s. Graffiti walls, caravans, Bohemian looking dudes setting up tent selling hash openly. Woman walking her dog smoking a fat joint… WOAH! Indeed and eye opener! They even have their own currency! And this is a place that you can finish walking it’s perimeters in 15 mins.

Exit at Christiania telling you that you’re entering the rest of Europe.

Lunchtime! Instead of a cafe/restaurant, I decided a brewery lunch is in order! Since I can’t decide which brew to go for, I went for a taster of their best beers! I must say, the European brews are better than their American brew. The American brew tasted like piss. Stick to your continent mates!

This bar looks like it’s for old pervy men, pity we didn’t get a chance to suss it out.

The flagship Lego shop! Did you know Lego is a Danish company?

We moved onto several other places of interests and once again I got defeated by the wind. In the end, we bought a bottle of very nice Spanish wine for cheap at the local supermarket and shared it with Peter and Magda. Top hosts!

Next day we took a cruise along the canals and whilst waiting for our ride, we chanced upon the changing of guards at the Royal Palace. There’s something insanely romantic about these old royal traditions and I love it!. The guards had super duper fluffy hats and we were informed the Queen was indeed in residence.

We love their hats! Must be really warm and snuggly.

Hello Queen! *bows*

The river / canal cruise was interesting as we navigate our way thru the waterways and super narrow bridge (one was so narrow that our boat was merely inches away on both sides).

See how the side almost touches our boat!

The statue of The Little Mermaid was a bit of a downer. It was out of the way and you would’ve expect some sort of gift shop for souvenirs, but no! No gift shops at all for the tourist who’s trudged all the way to see her. Just a lonely mermaid (who made a year long trip to China in 2011) perched on top a rock in the sea. During low tide you could stand next to the rock and take a picture of the mermaid, and I’m sure she’s Asian judging by her size.

See! So small and lonely. Someone please erect a prince for her!

Me thinks this Roman-esque statue was a lil kinky. Look at how he’s whipping the bulls.

Our traditional Danish Smørrebrød lunch. The fish and prawns were really quite yum!

Our little Danish adventure ended after a few short days. We had a great last night chatting with Peter and Magda before bidding them farewell.

I love the Danish hot dogs and their pastry. No. 1 on my list is Forsnappa from Lagkagehuset. We bought 2 for the roads!

These windmills were right in the middle of the sea! And if my GK serves me right, wind energy accounts for 20% of their annual electricity usage. And the government’s goal is to run the entire country on renewable energy by 2050. That’s green and a role model for the rest of the industrial world to emulate!

Ok, it’s now byebye Copenhagen. Onward bound to Goteborg and Oslo!


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