Goodbye Tromso, Hello Stockholm!


We woke up to this view for 4 days…how not to fall in love with Tromso?

After the dog sledding, snowmobile and gorgeous Aurora Borealis, we had to bid this place goodbye and say HELLO to Stockholm.

Whilst we got to Stockholm safely via Oslo, our luggage got left behind. All good tho cos I packed the important stuff all in my hand carry. We eventually got it back about 48 hours later.

Our host place was real cosy. The building was from 1931 and everything was still in great condition! The kitchen were refurbished only once since it was build. So retro! It helps that Sweden was neutral during the WWII.

And she has the fattest and furriest cat in the world! This grand dame is 112 in human years!

Next day, we did the touristy stuff by going to Gamla Stan (Old Town) to see the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace. These traditions dates back to 1700s if my memory serves me right.

I thought the dude on the left is quite cute.

They even had an English commentary of the parade!

We were hungry before lunch, so we had this traditional Swedish pastry called Semla. In the olden times, Semla was a treat for the people to eat only on Tuesdays, thankfully this deliciously light, fluffy and creamy treat could be had everyday.

Our awesome lunch of Salmon Pudding at Gamla Stan served by a really pretty waitress and another that looks like Milla Jovovich!

This was where we had lunch. It’s by the end of Gamla Stan. If you wanna be served by hot waitresses, go here.

Next day, we took a 45mins trip to the suburbs to check out the biggest Ikea in the world for Swedish meatballs. This is us mucking around while waiting for the train.

Maybe it’s the fact we’re on holiday, but everything looked nicer there! Swedish meatball from Ikea!

After Ikea, we continued to shop at Drotning (the main shopping street). The stuffs NOT on sales are really not that cheap, but those on sales are madness! My partner raves about my ability to spot a sale from a mile. We did manage to snag some good deals!

Love this signboard. Slut for sales!

The great thing about staying with people is that they have so many great tips on what to see, how to do it cheaply and the routes to take. All these you won’t be able to get it from any guide books.

First up was walking along Tjärhovsgatan. Loads of old buildings and in the ancient time, these flights of stairs were the last anyone took as it meant walking up to the gallows! At least that’s what the signboard says. 

We would take this ferry later on.

Pretty silly if you ask me, to have a gas station UNDER a tunnel. And there were highways on top of the tunnel!

After a scenic ferry ride from Slussen to Grona Lunds where the Tivoli (amusement park) was, we walked along the pier.

The travelling partner decided kungfu was the order of the day. 🙂

The Vasa museum was magnificent! Instead of paying S$20 for the entrance fee, I got us in free! No we did not have to sneak it. The guy let us in willingly! Trade secret. :p

Sunset over the City Hall. Look how clear the sky is! Not a cloud in sight.

I’m actually a very relaxed traveller. Yes i’ll want to see the sights, but no I will not rush for it. I like to walk and take in the sights, smell, sounds, culture and people. I like to look at the surroundings and observe. I think it’s a more meaningful travel that way rather than go to a city and wham bang thank you mdm without experiencing what makes the place tick.

See the beauty of Gamla Stan at sunset from the ferry. Such grandeur.

Oh look! Mambo Jambo fever hits the Stockholm coffee!

The measure of a city (for me at least) is the state and variety of their supermarket. At least Hemköp was awesome. It was here that my travelling partner found the deal of the century!

A 6-pack for the grand price of…*drumroll please*…S$2.40!!! We thought it was an error and I commented I was prepared to pay $10 for the 6-pack, imagine my glee when the cashier said, “Yeap it’s 2 Krone per bottle. We’ve got 8 cartons of these. Great deal you’ve got there!” So it was there we bought a 6-pack to thank our host, Marita for being so awesome (she helped us sort out our lost luggage with Arlanda airport whilst we continued our holiday).

On the day we left, Stockholm turned foggy. It was bright and sunshiney on the days we were there! Guess we’ve been really lucky with our weather so far! I’ll definitely go back Sweden again someday. Maybe to visit the far north for another Northern Lights expedition! 😀


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