1 tick off the bucket list

After years of dreaming about it, I finally got to see it with my own eyes. Those green lights dancing across the sky, seducing us with it’s unpredictable movements, it was breathtaking. And bloody cold.

The partner was the 1st to spot the lights as we were making our way inland. The oldies (bet they’re ticking off their bucket list too!) slowly made their way out of the minivan while the partner and I were super excited. Thanks to an earlier text from a dear friend, we held hands and made a wish.

We tried taking those lights, but for the following hindrances:

1. Fingers could barely move at -11 degrees.

2. Camera not DSLR.

3. Still too bloody cold.

So those mesmerising visuals will stay in our memories. Just like the NY2011 fireworks in London.

We’ve got videos of us sledding down the hills tho. Will post it up soon. Gonna crash now. There’s snowmobile in a couple of hours time!

This holiday rocks!


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