Death of observation skills in Singapore

Singaporeans LOVE their smart phones. Perhaps a little too much that they don’t see what’s going on around them.

So it comes as no surprise I was actually mildly pleased when this article came out:

Yes the telcos may be doing it to get more money, but what pleased me was perhaps Singaporeans can maybe spend less time on their phones and more time being aware of their surroundings.

Why I say that? I’ve noticed (on more than one occasions) that people do not give up seats to the old and needy not because they don’t want to, but because they’re glued to their iPhones either watching videos or playing games (ok games probably will not be affected). Or people walking/crossing the streets glued to their video (which I’m very sure was streamed). I may be evil and morbid, but I won’t be surprised to see accidents happen to these people!

Hopefully this will stop people from abusing the high data limit (12GB if i remember correctly) and start living a life again.


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