Goodbye 2011… Be good to me 2012.

Usually I’ll write a post on the last day of the year… to reflect on the past 365 days. Don’t see why I should break tradition this year, but I decided I’ll do things a lil differently. Instead of writing on both good and bad, I’ll be more positive and write on just the good. Here goes nothing…

First half of the year was great. By great, it means I managed to get out of the country almost every month (except April). In fact, we started the year by being in London! Also worth mentioning the Hong Kong trip in March cos we had so much fun together.

June is by default a fun month cos it’s The Birthday. I was surprised with The Lion King! 🙂 And many food comas too!

Second half started awesome possum. @Venarse and I fulfilled an almost lifelong wish of seeing Take That perform live in concert. We jetted all the way to London (again!) to see the 5 lads from Manchester. That’s right! Gary, Mark, Howard, Jason and Robbie Williams! Those who’d seen Take That live in Singapore in 1994 only saw 4 of them perform sans Robbie. We saw 5! Good times!


Picture courtesy of @Venarse

Of course I wasn’t in London solely for Take That… it’s also to fulfill another one of my crazed passion for the final premiere of… HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 2!

My sweet friend tried getting me tickets to the premiere, but I was really happy to be able to soak up the great atmosphere at Trafalgar Square. 10 years of being a devoted Harry Potter fan…how could I not be there right? Also made some really fun friends on that trip such as @smashpop (he say I must mention his name! haha… nice boy!) and ventured into more unknown London territory.

The rest of the year was pretty forgettable, but I won a pair of air tickets on @KLMSingapore (THANK YOU!) to Europe. Also a great Langkawi trip came along to save the day. Rebak Island is really an oasis in itself. An island on its own, for some seclusion, peace and tranquility, I would highly recommend checking Langkawi & Rebak Island out. Oh and baby Gareth came into the world on National Day!

I’ve a lot to be thankful for – like the kindness shown by my closest friends and family. No matter how the tough gets going, I always had a hand to hold me through it all. 2011 was an average year. Not the best, but neither has it been the worse. What can I say? As you grow older, you just learn to suck it up.

Before I end, I’ll like to remember the family & friends who’ve left us this year. You’ll always be remembered fondly and dearly.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne

So long 2011. Good riddance. Come on 2012. Let’s rock this year together!

Happy New Year my friends!


Spreading a lil festive cheer…

The festive period is upon us once more, though this year took a lil longer than expected to arrive, I still love the festive season.

The weather helped by raining almost incessantly the past few weeks, kinda reminds me of being in balmy London/Brighton where it’s cold and wet just about everyday. And every year without fail, I’ll wish I was there instead. Not here.

That said, I’m still happy that I’ll be spending X’mas with my family and closest friends. Even though we see each other quite regularly, there’s something about the joy and happiness in the air that makes it extra special.

Everyone is wrapped up (puns intended) with gift exchanges at this time of the year too, but do take a minute or a few… to remember the less fortunate. Sometimes, doing a random act of kindness or paying forward an act of kindness that was shown to you, can mean a lot more than buying a gift which no one might appreciate. 🙂