Some Missing Common Sense

You’ll think these are common sense…but many gripes and complaints everywhere later, it’s still sorely missing in everyday’s life.

The Train:
1. People still don’t move inside!
Instead they love to pack themselves like sardines. Body to body. Butt to some poor little kid’s face. Why subject yourself to men’s body odour and women who loves to flick their long (and generally un-luscious) hair to your already oily and sour-from-working-the-entire-day face? Move inside! It’s more comfy and the air is better too.

2. People who hog both sides of the elevator
Why do you need to hug your boy/girlfriend when going up the elevator? Does it hurt or kills you to stand behind or in front so you don’t block those who’re rushing to their destinations? I get it if you’re above the age of 70 and standing in everyone’s way, but if you’re not, please… STAND ON THE LEFT (for Singaporeans)!

In Public:
1. Excessive PDA
It’s fine to hold hands, steal a kiss or a few here and there, but when you feel the desire to go into full make out mode, please make a dash home asap. The world does not need to see both your tongues and roving hands all over each other in public. There’s a genre for this for those interested. It’s called porn.

2. Spitting
Again I understand if it’s done by those above 70 y/o, but anyone younger, I generally go into a “HELLO! THAT’S GROSS” mode. I also feel for those that has a burning desire to spit out their phlegm, especially when they’re ill, but please spit into a tissue paper, or do so by a drain or a patch of grass. Not right smack in the middle of the pavement. It’s downright uncouth and unhygienic.

I’m sure there’ll be more missing common sense postings… till then. Enjoy the weekend!


Of the private island resort getaway

I’m a nomad.
I live to travel.
I love travelling from one place to another (Jurong to Pasir Ris doesn’t count dweeb!). So if i don’t travel for more than 3 months, i’ll get jittery and grumpy at the same time. Not a good mix.

Hence after almost 4 months of being stuck in this crowded island, I decided a short getaway is on the cards. Thanks to advice from a very reputable and reliable travel agent, I booked myself on a flight to the Langkawi, Malaysia – Truly Asia. Not only that, as a reward to myself (hey i can reward myself anytime I wish to ya!) – I also book a 4 nights stay at the 5* Rebak Island resort by the Taj Group.

The resort is situated in their own private island off Langkawi itself. You get there in a short 15 mins ferry ride off their own private port too. Sweet stuff! The marina behind me has a lot of retired ang mos from all over the world living on their yachts.

The resort looks decent enough, perhaps some refurbishments is needed in some parts, but otherwise it looks tranquil and absolutely fabulous for a beach bum holiday!

The room was HUGE! You could literally put another bed in the bathroom!

We spent the entire 1st day lazing by the beach and pool… such bliss.

Day 2, my partner and I decided to go all touristy and check out the Langkawi Cable Car. I’ve a fear of height (although that didn’t stopped me from striking skydiving off my bucket list), hence my hands were too jittery from the ridiculous height from the cable car going up the mountain.  Great view though. Just frigging scary.

The 1st large island in the background is where our resort is located!

We were on top of the mountain, but we were on this bridge below too… just be prepared to climb a lot of stairs. And i mean, A LOT.

On our way out, we saw someone on a segway and decided to follow the path. For RM30, you get a 20 mins jungle ride on the segway! Totally worth it!

The photo made me look like a 13 y/o all over again. Just better looking the 2nd time round.

We caught these picture at Pantai Cenang. It was sunset, people were enjoying the view, but there was an huge storm brewing on the other side. As our friendly waiter from Rafii cafe said “Tonight the storm will come.” We never found out if it came cos we were back safely at our island by then…

We did capture this photo back at our island the next day though. We had JUST laid down the towels on the sunbed… it was warm and sunny, 10 mins later,  this scene unfolded right before our eyes.

It was an excellent holiday nonetheless. I got recharged (or not seeing I was actually sick before the holiday) and we’d spend a great deal of time chilling, people watching, walking along the beach and jet-skiing. And I’m ALMOST done reading Tony Hsieh’s book on how Zappos came about.

Would totally do it again in future, but for the next trip, we’re planning… ICELAND! Stay tuned!