Take That & Party

Progress Tour - Live at Wembley

So here it is. The fabulous 5 lads from Manchester. A fulfillment of a 16 year dream when as a pimply 15 year old, I’d to miss their concert in Singapore cos it was the final year exam. Also Robbie had left the group the year before. So really, this concert would have top any of the earlier concerts.

At this point, I must confess I’d already seen the foursome – Gary, Mark, Jason & Howard a couple of years earlier in Paris for the global launch of their Circus album. Still it was a launch and not really the full party, even though I was on the same Euro train as them. 😀

SOSLuckily I managed to find another slightly crazed Take That fan in Venus.

And so it was… Wembley on 5th July, we saw Gary, Mark, Jason, Howard and Robbie perform. And a great view too! We were 4 people from the front of house! The lads performed some of their greatest hits and from their latest album. Robbie went solo with some of his greatest singles.

Venus and I screamed ourselves hoarse. And may I add how absolutely orderly (and fun!) those English fans were? Once you’ve mark your spot, it’ll be your spot for the rest of the night! No one will fight, push or shove you except for when the lads came to the front of the barriers to thank their fans at the end of the concert.

Best concert ever. I don’t think anything else will top this experience ever. Also I did not have pimples, but that’s usually how people describe teenagers no?

Will blog about my Harry Potter Worldwide Premiere experience in London’s Trafalgar Square when I’ve got time next. Or the Wimbledon / Maria Sharapova’s experience? There’s always Old Trafford / seeing Rio, Rooney and Ronaldo (it was a couple of years back). We’ll see what I feel like…


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