Of fleas and spins!

The past weekend hasn’t really been much of a weekend.

Did flea n’ easy on Saturday with the Tam, Sa & Xiuping. It was one of my better efforts although I’ve shouted myself hoarse. My tagline was a winner though – Cheaper than a Happy Meal!

Anyway what was meant to be a Moody Monday (cos it was pissing down early in the morning, which made it very very hard to peel myself off my comfy bed) turned out to be a Magnificent Monday instead!

So there I was spacing out … and suddenly an email alert on Facebook came from Daphne Maia Loo asking if it’s me? I wasn’t sure what she was on about, then when I saw the link, I swore my heart did a triple beat.

You see, I’ve been taking part in KLM Singapore’s Spin ‘N Fly on Facebook for the past week for fun (also I get to learn something new about new places of interest everyday!). They give out daily, weekly and Grand Prize for most number of referrals and I wasn’t hoping for too much, but i did fancy the air tickets to Bali/Europe.


The msg reads: “Congratulations to Riley Leong for winning the first weekly prize of the game. You have won A pair of economy tickets to EUROPE.”

It got me so excited that I could feel my heart palpitating from the happiness. Now we’re deciding between Germany/Austria (for snowboarding!!!) and Finland/Norway/Sweden (for the Aurora Borealis!!!).

Oh decisions decisions. But thank you KLM Singapore for Magnificent Monday. Love you long time!


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