Of wants and needs

Perhaps it’s the coming of the new age. Or the advent of the end, I have found myself to not desire or covet any material wants. I’ve always been an advocate of ‘needs’ vs ‘wants’ and I no longer crave for wants.

To walk the talk, I’ll start with “I do not need anything for Christmas this year”. There’s really no need to buy me anything. I have some of the sweetest & supportive friends, a loyal partner, a fully functional/dysfunctional family, a job that pays my bills and enough savings to send me on my never-ending quest to see the world, what more do I need?

Everything else that I need/want, I can afford them myself. I do not need outside validation. Human nature dictates that comparison and criticism is inevitable. Hence I do not want to be placed in a situation where “your present was more expensive than mine”, “how come my present is so cheap?” or “the present you bought was thoughtless.”

The old school notion that it’s the thought that counts no longer holds true in this material world. Actually just Singapore that I know of. Everyone has their own desire and wants. Whatever was bought with a lot of love, care and thoughts can be interpreted as meaningless by the recipients if it’s not what they desire.

Do we really need another branded bag? Another pair of expensive shades? The current faze or the latest gizmos that is chucked aside 6 months after purchase? Call me cheap, jaded or whatever remarks comes to mind, I don’t really care. If I buy something with love and you dismiss it as not, you can forget about getting anything in future.

So unless you would like to buy me an apartment (which classifies as a need technically) or an air ticket out of Singapore to satisfy my wanderlust nature to experience the world, otherwise I would appreciate more if you put your hard-earned money to greater use. Donate to a charity, an animal shelter or sponsor an orphan through a legitimate channel. As morbid as it sounds, there’s enough natural disasters out there in the world that we can donate and help with. I think these would make me happier in knowing that someone less fortunate is benefitting from your kind thoughts.

I’m grateful for what I have right now and there’s nothing else I hope for other than the oft used 2 words in beauty pageants across the world – World Peace.


Of fleas and spins!

The past weekend hasn’t really been much of a weekend.

Did flea n’ easy on Saturday with the Tam, Sa & Xiuping. It was one of my better efforts although I’ve shouted myself hoarse. My tagline was a winner though – Cheaper than a Happy Meal!

Anyway what was meant to be a Moody Monday (cos it was pissing down early in the morning, which made it very very hard to peel myself off my comfy bed) turned out to be a Magnificent Monday instead!

So there I was spacing out … and suddenly an email alert on Facebook came from Daphne Maia Loo asking if it’s me? I wasn’t sure what she was on about, then when I saw the link, I swore my heart did a triple beat.

You see, I’ve been taking part in KLM Singapore’s Spin ‘N Fly on Facebook for the past week for fun (also I get to learn something new about new places of interest everyday!). They give out daily, weekly and Grand Prize for most number of referrals and I wasn’t hoping for too much, but i did fancy the air tickets to Bali/Europe.


The msg reads: “Congratulations to Riley Leong for winning the first weekly prize of the game. You have won A pair of economy tickets to EUROPE.”

It got me so excited that I could feel my heart palpitating from the happiness. Now we’re deciding between Germany/Austria (for snowboarding!!!) and Finland/Norway/Sweden (for the Aurora Borealis!!!).

Oh decisions decisions. But thank you KLM Singapore for Magnificent Monday. Love you long time!