Word up Jookette!

What’s in a word if Jookette is anything related to the English world?

It’s more Singlish than English to be honest, it’s a play on what you’ll used to call those regular Zouk party-goers – Zoukette, but cos my friends and I can’t pronounce (or too lazy to mouth the word ‘zoo’), we call it Jook instead (it’s also easier to type). Hence the name Jookette came about, cos we used to frequent the club like a religion.

It started with Wednesdays, then I progressed to Fridays and Saturdays…and with each aging year, it slowly dwindled to the occasional Saturdays and now I make my pilgrimage there only when it’s really really special.

The name has stuck to me in almost all aspect, from hotmail to gmail to twitter.¬†Jookette is also how some people start their online msgs to me – ie. “Eh jookette, what time are we meeting later ah?”

The partying has almost stopped, the memories will live, but @Jookette show must go on.

And here’s how I choose to start my 1st entry on what this blog will be. Something personal about the author of this blog. I may choose to write in 3rd party sometimes only because I think it makes it more interesting. Not to say I’m not confused, I am. But I’m still searching for my place in this world and hopefully through this blog, I can slowly make sense of my existence and how some things should never have existed.

Oh yes and I love Take That, Harry Potter, Manchester United and most things English.